2016 Lexus LC500 Review

2016 Lexus LC500 featured

Renamed for manufacturing, the 2016 Lexus LC500 attributes a little toned down designing from that significant concept car. The hallmark angular Lexus grille beautifies the front, while the sharp detailing and also form is similar to the LFA supercar.

Exterior and Interior

The triple-LED headlamps have been made with several of the world’s thinnest projectors to permit such a neat shape. The exterior angles are additionally developed to increase wind resistant efficiency in addition engine cooling, with the rear air diffuser and also optional energetic back looter playing a big component in the former.

2016 Lexus LC500 side view
2016 Lexus LC500 side view

Pointer inside, and you’ll locate the 2016 Lexus LC500 already has one up on the SL thanks to its 2 +2 seat format. The interior design is fresh in addition borrows some components from the LFA, consisting of the suggestive instruments and also driver-focused layout. Materials such as magnesium for the paddle-shifters provide a costs touch, while the driving placement is said to manipulate the automobile’s reduced center of gravity.

2016 Lexus LC500 interior
2016 Lexus LC500 interior


The task of propelling that mass is entrusted to the corporate 5.0-liter V-8. It sends 467 horse power and 389 lb-ft of torque to the rear wheels using a 10-speed automatic with shift paddles. Designed in-house, the transmission cuts extra pounds via using aluminum equipments and the littlest, lightest torque converter in the maker’s history. Lexus is claiming a zero-to-60-mph time of “less than 4.5 secs” for the normally aspirated 5.0-liter LC500. Energetic exhaust frustrates develop a stylish engine note and also are supplemented by a sound generator. Lexus claims the naturally aspirated engine’s straight reaction and heartwarming quality were chosen over the alternative of using forced induction in a mission for maximum output.

2016 Lexus LC500 engine
2016 Lexus LC500 engine

2016 Lexus LC500 Price

Price hasn’t been revealed, but taking into consideration the dimension of the vehicle, the high-performance engine, and the affordable set, you could wager it won’t be cheap. Lexus has its views set on the extravagant Mercedes SL in addition BMW 6 Series, so expect a beginning price near 6 numbers. It’ll release as a 2017 model when it strikes car dealerships following year.

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