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VLF might not be a name you’re acquainted with, however you definitely would not miss out on the company’s 2016 VLF Force 1 V10 if it passed you on the motorway. Handiwork of Henrik Fisker, racing vehicle driver Ben Keating, and former GM chairman Bob Lutz, the slinky coupe might look like the Fisker Karma hybrid that attempted – and also quite stunningly fell short – to do just what Tesla has accomplished, however it wears no eco-halo.

2016 VLF Force 1Exterior

The layout is … striking, for one. With triple fronts lights on each side that appear like an invader’s mean cup, the Force 1 looks extremely acquainted however completely new at the same time. Huge, four-spoke wheels complete the arches, and a sweeping contour places a teardrop form in the side home windows. The hood is impossibly long, and while the front goes to the very least initial, we cannot assist however seem like the whole layout sheds some steam in the rear.21-inch wheels have Pirelli P ZERO tires, while the concave design maintains weight down. Just the same, it’s not a super-lightweight automobile, tipping the scales at 3,395 pounds.

2016 VLF Force 1 Exterior
2016 VLF Force 1 Exterior


The interior is glamorous, wîth hand sewed ultra-soft leather, Alcantarra, suede wîth a number of other one-of-a-kind attributes, such as a champagne owner.

2016 VLF Force 1Inside
2016 VLF Force 1Inside


Jointly established by Fisker and expert Viper racer Ben Keating, the 8.4-liter V-10 under the hood pushes out a complete 100-hp greater than the “base” Viper, making an overall of 745-hp and 638 lb.-ft. That presses this alien-looking creature along to 60-mph in merely 3-seconds (according to the business), and all the means up to a top speed of 218-mph. Every one of this is managed by a 6-speed guidebook, yet an automated can be matched at the consumer’s demand.

2016 VLF Force 1 Engine
2016 VLF Force 1 Engine

2016 VLF Force 1 Price

VLF says the 2016 VLF Force 1 will be originally produced in a set of merely 50 autos, with production commencing this April. The six-speed manual is standard with an auto optional. Cost? $268,500.

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