2016 Zenvo ST1 Review and Price

2016 Zenvo ST1 featured
2016 Zenvo ST1 featured

The 2016 Zenvo ST1 is a new supercar, at the same time among the fastest automobiles, ever. If Sweden can do it, why would not Danes have the ability to do it ? We are speaking about supercar manufacturing and are intending to draw a parallel between Koenigsegg and also Zenvo. 2016 Zenvo ST1 resembles Koenigsegg Regera in numerous methods.

2016 Zenvo ST1 Exterior

The front end is stunning, as if it was made by individuals with some real-life anger concerns. The ST1 simply looks crazy at all times. That’s a good thing for a $1.8 million supercar because people who are willing to hand over that much money on an exotic would want for claimed unique to at the very least look the part.In that sense, the ST1 shows up aces. The sharp sides on the hood play well with the angular headlights, producing that menacing appearance that seems to be an important demand for supercars these days. The lights are housed by huge air intakes that double as brake cooling ductworks. The intakes also flank just what Zenvo claims is its trademark hexagonal grille. Not to be burst its bubble.

2016 Zenvo ST1 exterior
2016 Zenvo ST1 exterior


The interior of the ST1 is flooded in even more carbon fiber that’s generously matched by fine leather and Alcantara. This offers the cabin the right kind of unique ambiance that warrants its exclusivity.The setup is very uncomplicated, also. It has area for 2, as it ought to if it’s lugging a ginormous engine in back. The instrument collection is entirely digital, showing all the vital details required by the motorist.Save for a couple of switches and handles on the central console, there typically aren’t really a bunch of parts inside the ST1 that stand apart. The multimedia system has touchscreen abilities and also executes a wide variety of beneficial features, including GPS, Bluetooth connectivity and hands totally free telephone.

2016 Zenvo ST1 dashboard 2016 Zenvo ST1 inside

2016 Zenvo ST1 interior
2016 Zenvo ST1 interior


The 2016 Zenvo ST1 is powered by a 7.0-liter V-8 engine that’s both supercharged and turbocharged, making sure that it has instant throttle response no matter just how low or high the revs. That attribute is especially beneficial for a vehicle that takes pride in 1,104 horsepower at 6,900 rpm and 1,054 pound-feet of torque at 4,500 rpm.The ST1’s engine has three methods: regular, sport and also race. In normal mode, just 650 horsepower is released.That’s the arrangement Zenvo calls perfect for the ST1 to operate as an everyday road-car. If that gets a little ordinary for a vehicle driver’s taste, the button to sporting activity mode unleashes 850 horse power or better yet, race method, which opens up the floodgates to all 1,104 ponies.

2016 Zenvo ST1 engine
2016 Zenvo ST1 engine

2016 Zenvo ST1 Price

The ST-1 will cost a little more from $1.02 million.

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