2017 Rimac Concept One

2017 Rimac Concept One Featured
2017 Rimac Concept One Featured

Almost every automobile manufacturer worldwide is explore their very own version of electrical automobiles. Yet there are some brand-new gamers on the market as well. One of them is Rimac, which will soon release their auto called 2017 Rimac Concept One. This electric cars looks really eye-catching and futuristic. Both framework and engine were developed with each other, in addition to brand-new system produced by Rimac.


2017 Rimac Concept One Side View
2017 Rimac Concept One Side View

At its heart, the 2017 Rimac Concept One is a chromoly space-frame, with aluminum and also carbon-fiber semi-stressed members. However, regardless of all the light-weight materials, the onboard battery packs and electrical motors still develop a lot of heft, equating into a somewhat portly 4,079-pound aesthetic weight. That weighes, particularly when you take into consideration how the Concept One is considerably smaller sized compared to its hybrid-hypercar competition.

Exterior Capacities

Weight1,850 KG (4,078 POUND).
Length4,187 MM (164.84 Inches).
Width1,842 MM (72.51 Inches).
Height1,070 MM (42.12 Inches).


2017 Rimac Concept One Interior
2017 Rimac Concept One Interior

Everything is either carbon fiber, Alcantara, or aluminum, including the different switches, every one of which were machined from billet aluminum.Of course, there’s a central touchscreen also, which supplies the control point for Rimac’s in-house industrialized infotainment system. Readily available data fors example power consumption prices and settings for various lorry attributes. Rimac says it placed 500 sensors throughout the vehicle to relay relevant information back to the vehicle driver, and you can evaluate the vehicle’s telemetry data through the touchscreen, your computer system, or perhaps your smartphone.


2017 Rimac Concept One Engine
2017 Rimac Concept One Engine

Right here are a few numbers- 1,072 horse power and 1,180 pound-feet of torque. Right here are a couple of even more numbers- 0-to-62 miles per hour in 2.6 secs, 0-to-124 mph in 6.2 seconds, and 0-to-186 miles per hour in 14.2 secs. Top speed is 221 miles per hour.The 82-kWh capacity battery pack is composed of 8,450 specific cells regulated by Rimac’s customized battery administration system. Made especially for the rigors of track use, the system incorporates fluid thermal administration and low-resistance conducting, and comes furnished with a 22-kW battery charger and the option for DC quick-charging. The distance-per-charge is currently unavailable, yet original estimates put it at 310 miles. Charge times are also not available as of this writing.In addition to 4 separate electric motors, the Concept One likewise makes use of 4 separate transmissions. To maximize both velocity and also full throttle, the two motors placed ahead each use a single-speed box, while the rear motors each get a two-speed system with a carbon-fiber double-clutch system.

2017 Rimac Concept One Price

Rimac claims it’s just going to make eight instances of the manufacturing Concept One. Rates rings to the tune of 850,000 euros, or $936,445.

2017 Rimac Concept One Gallery:


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