2019 BMW Z5 Concept and Spy Photos


2019 BMW Z5 will be a sign of giving up of the well-made decision when the both companies BMW and Toyota had united their forces in a great cooperation. Ever since 2013, this partnership has been challenging the competitors to achieve their success and goals, waiting for the opportunity to win the market with an amazing model. However, it seems that or something went wrong, or both companies decided to continue alone and make new models separately. So, the new Z5 is actually a successor of previous model Z4, improved and made in BMW without any helping and partnerships.


With all above known, the question is how far BMW will go with the design of the new model differently from the old one. According to the spy photos made during the weather testing on Arctic 2019 BMW Z5 is a deliberately changed Z4 and there is not much similarity with the old brother. It is sportier than a predecessor, with lower grille separated on two parts, larger LED headlamps, designed as old ones on BMW cars and more aggressive front end. Let say that side of the car is gentler and stylized with fewer muscle details and lines, while the rear end has an embedded spoiler and integrated and upper license plate.


Spy photos do not lie, but it is hard to see what is inside of the 2018 BMW Z5. However, we can describe some details, like the large and functional dashboard, similar to the Z4, but with some minor changes. A new steering wheel shows larger center like on old GM models and possibly touchscreen and rich infotainment system on the dashboard. But, all those details are still not announced and we can expect that many details will be changed when the new BMW comes to the production.

Engine of the New Z5

The basic model will have a four-cylinder turbocharged engine with optional 3.0-liter and a hybrid version – for sure. It is evident from the previous models and tradition in BMW of making the same engines for this class of the car. It is also known that BMW puts that type of the engines in their sports car, which 2019 BMW Z5 surely is. The transmission is also unknown but is expected to be six-speed manual and automatic with the all-wheel drive system as optional.

2019 BMW Z5 Conclusion and Price

We cannot predict the price of the 2019 BMW Z5 and that information cannot be tested at this moment. However, expecting slightly higher price than Z4, we can say that it will cost at least $50,000 with optional higher trims and prices.


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