2019 Toyota Camry Redesigned in 2018


Let’s be honest: Toyota does not have a true beauties among vehicles. BUT! 2019 Toyota Camry that has been announced at the 2019 North American International Auto Show in Detroit has some nice redesigned details. For example, the tail lights are redesigned and the curves are futuristic and welcomed among fans. Toyota makes their new models too boxy and not many people like that. Although every Toyota is a reliable vehicle it is not so popular because of its design. This is what Toyota’s engineers are aware of and they are doing their best to make it better. The new design should be futuristic, but not too boxy.
<h2 id="2019-toyota-camry–2019-toyota-camry-redesigned”>2019 Toyota Camry Redesigned

The exterior is slightly redesigned which can be seen by the height of the hood (which is now an inch and a half lower than in previous Camry). There is now a discrete rear spoiler on the trunk, two pairs of exhaust pipes (quad pipes) and a massive grille that will make 2019 Camry unique on the parking lot. Both front and rear lights are redesigned as well. LED technology is used, of course. This Camry is the most aggressive, luxurious and the most sportious among the other vehicles of today.

2019 Camry’s Interior

A huge central console box is available for storing objects that now can be slightly bigger because the dimensions of the box. The area in front of the passenger is leaning towards the central console where you can find a lot of storage space besides the central console box. Massive console gives a sturdy feeling and the position of the handbrake is almost perfect for any driver. The high quality materials used inside the new 2019 Toyota Camry will make the owners proud and satisfied. Toyota said that they want to distinct 2019 Camry with this redesign. Piano black is used in design of the front console. It contains a built-in screen which gives all the necessary information to driver. There are some big buttons that are more welcome than the capacitive buttons, as they can be triggered without turning the view from the road. There is a decent amount of head and leg room for all passengers, even on the rear seats. Although the leg room has grown a bit, there is a middle floor hump that could create some difficulties for the middle passenger on the rear seat. This was better done in the previous model of Camry, we must acknowledge.

Safety of 2019 Toyota Camry

Camry will be equipped with the latest steering and braking assist with the full speed cruise control, as well the front collision warning in a standard trim level, Toyota announced.

Release Date, Price, Engine

2019 Toyota Camry will be available on summer 2018 but the price is not yet announced. Engine will be a standard 2.5 liter four cylinder with direct injection, while the upgrade mode will be a 3.5 liter V6 (probably in the XSE model). Naturally, the hybrid version will be available as well as the 2.0 liter hybrid engine. Although Toyota has revealed engines of new Camry, the consumption is not available at the moment. However, Toyota promises the best performance in the class.

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