Burt Reynolds Trans Am Bandit


Pontiac went out of business 7 years ago and 5 years ago General Motors did signed a licensing agreement with Trans Am Depot so Trans Am Depot can now build Trans Am vehicles and is the worldwide exclusive license holder to use Pontiac name and badge, as well the GTO name and badge. Trans Am is made out of modified Chevy Camaro. Trans Am Bandit by Burt Reynolds will be made only in 77 units and the signature of Burt Reynolds will be on every each one of them. This signature and the fact that only 77 units will be made is instantly turning the new Bandit into a collectible.

Why Only 77 Units?

Well, the movie “Smokey and the Bandit” came out in 1977, so there is a symbolic way to decide only 77 units will be made. Interestingly, this year is 50th anniversary of the movie, so that will give more value to the Burt Reynolds’ Trans Am Bandit. The original Trans Am back in days used to promote the movie was sold on an auction for a record price of $550.000.

Trans Am Design

As it is being said, the Bandit edition of Trans Am is made on the body of 2016 Chevrolet Camaro. The recognizable t-top and wings over the hood, but with edition of Burt Reynolds signature makes this Trans Am a desirable piece of art. Slightly more modern than it’s predecessor is what will boil the blood of Pontiac Trans Am fans and make them spend a little fortune to purchase the new Bandit Edition.


Trans Am Bandit Specs

We think the engine in Trans Am Bandit (7.4L 840 hp V8) suits the legend well. The price should be around $115.000 and it will hit 0-60 in only 3 seconds. Top speed will be 200 mph. We don’t know what else to say than: Rush, be one of 77 lucky people and grab one unit for yourself!


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